Downingtown High School, Philadelphia: “Thx so much for making it such a great succes, and experience for all of us. This highlight video is a tribute to you most of all (with apologies to those who aren’t featured prominently)”.


There is one common challenge that faces young people today, regardless of their cultural, political, economic or religious background. And that is the growing force of Globalization.

For that reason, it is vital that educational institutions around the world cooperate on providing young people with an opportunity to meet other young people across national or cultural boundaries. Even across continents.

At our school, Kruses Gymnasium, we have decided to give highest priority to the development of Global Partnerships with High Schools and Secondary Schools in different parts of the world. For that reason, we have reached out to other schools in several countries, and have succeeded in setting up Exchange Programs in Downingtown, PA, USA, Normandy, France, and Germany.

We remain open to other offers, and dedicated towards seeking new opportunities for even more of our students to experience a foreign culture and country, and a foreign school culture in particular.

This site provides you with information on our school and outline what we look for in terms of an exchange program and a mutual academic partnership – and also what sort of Exchange programs we already have in place.


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Jens Christensen

Jens Christensen

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