Our high school

Kruses Gymnasium (High School) has a very high degree of competence in Science, Political Studies and Arts, in a close and positive community, focused on excellence in academics, but also on maintaining a friendly and safe environment for young students. We currently have close to 400 students divided into three separate years (somewhat like sophomores, juniors and seniors in the US). Therefore it is a school with a small but relaxed and positive student body, where everyone knows everyone, and where teachers and management are close to the student community.

Kruses Gymnasium has a tradition of excellence in academic standards and is consistently ranked among the highest nationwide at the final exams (third nationally in 2016). Furthermore, more than 90% of our students go on to attend University or College after leaving us, which is in fact the highest number in Denmark.

Kruses Gymnasium is actually part of a larger institution, Marie Kruses School, which also contains a primary, and secondary, school for ages 7-15. The school has a long and illustrious history. It was founded in 1869 by Marie Kruse, a pioneer in women’s education in Denmark. Later on, it was reformed into a mixed-gender school. The school was originally located inside Copenhagen, but was moved to larger, more modern facilities in the suburb of Farum in 1971. Farum is 20 km (12 miles) north of Copenhagen City.