Farum is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Copenhagen. It is a peaceful and safe suburb with a mixed population, but mainly upper middle class. It is located next to a large and scenic lake, called the Furesø. Public transportation to Copenhagen City is around 40 minutes  by light rail.

Copenhagen City (and Greater Copenhagen) offers an abundance of European and Danish culture and many historical sites, and is also home to internationally famous Danish corporations like Novo Nordic and Maersk Line, and it houses the royal family and their palaces as well.

· Amalienborg Castle (Royal Family)
· Copenhagen University (Founded 1479)
· Vikings
· Kronborg (Famous from Hamlet)
· Rosenborg Castle
· The National Museum
· Modern Art: Louisiana

The City of Copenhagen is an ancient trading port. It has a very long and colorful history. Over the last 20 years, the City of Copenhagen has truly flourished.

Its economy has grown very strong and it has become a vibrant, very international City.  Its great focus on sustainability and bicycling has made it a role model for many other major cities around the world. In London and New York, to “Copenhagenize” means to make room for bicycles and focus on a more eco-friendly great city. The inner city canals have been cleaned up so thoroughly that you can now swim in them and Copenhagen has recently been named the cleanest capital in the world.