Academic options

Possible themes include the Viking Age and the Danish Middle Ages, possibly as part of excursions to Frederiksborg castle or Kronborg. It could also be the history of the Danish welfare state and national Health care along with political and Social Studies. Another possibility would be national Identity. Or more general topics like World War ll and the Great depression.

We could work with themes such as national Identity and Immigration or the role of Religion in danish Society. Of course the danish welfare system might be interesting for you to study or the role of denmark in the european union.

Denmark has a very particular sports culture, and we would be happy to introduce your students to it. Danes practice many of the same sports as the rest of the world, but we also have some very popular sports that are relatively unknown to most countries, such as Badminton and Handball. They might prove a fun experience for your students.

Of course, mastering the danish language is a bit ambitious but other foreign students have enjoyed being introduced to Danish literature, either working with world famous danish authors like Kierkegaard, Karen Blixen or H. C. Andersen, whose works have been translated into, or written originally in english. Or with less known danish authors that may bring insight to danish culture. We could also work with some of the danish movies that have won international acclaim in recent years, such as the Hunt, Drive, the Celebration or the works of Lars Von trier.

The English faculty would in general function as assistants to the other faculties, to hopefully ensure the complete absence of any language issues. But we could also teach a danish/european angle on any themes or literature you might have worked with beforehand. Danes generally master English at a relatively high level, at least according to our American partners 🙂

Kruses Gymnasium has a very strong Science-profile and Science is taught at a very high level in Danish High Schools. We have very gifted teachers and would be happy to work with your students in this field as well. A particular focus in Denmark now is Bio-technology, but we have all the classical fields of study at our school, from Physics to Geology and Astronomy.