Marie Kruses Skole has a trusted collaboration with an active group of parents


Enrolment at Marie Kruses Skole takes place throughout the year, with a waiting list for all classes. Children can be registered on the school’s waiting list from the day they’re born and will be placed on the list according to the date of enrolment. Each year we set up two new 6th grade classes and at least one 10th grade class, which offer extra opportunities for admission to Marie Kruses Skole.

Admission to preschool class is based solely on the child’s placement on the waiting list. However, children with siblings at Marie Kruses Skole will be placed higher on the waiting list. Admission to other grades is based on the child’s placement on the waiting list and on an interview.

If you wish to be placed on our waiting list, please fill in and send the online application form below. The application fee is DKK 500, which must be paid when you submit the application form.

The amount must be paid into the school’s account – reg.: 2191, account: 8478188413. Remember to enter the student’s name and personal identity number in the box for messages.

Once Marie Kruses Skole has received the application fee of DKK 500, your application is valid, and we will send you a letter with a confirmation of your child’s enrolment.

Marie Kruses Skole will contact the parents through their e-mails with information regarding our information event and a possible interview. Make sure to contact the school if your contact information changes. Any changes must be sent to our school secretary, Henriette Hjorth at

Admission to preschool class

Each year Marie Kruses Skole sets up two preschool classes with a class size of 24 pupils.

The primary purpose of the preschool class is to make the child ready for school. In practice, this means that preschool class is the beginning of an active school life, where the children will acquire knowledge and skills that provide a good foundation for further schooling.

In the preschool class, the child is supported in its individual development, while at the same time learning to become part of a social community. Efforts are made to strengthen the child’s ability to listen and receive information as well as maintain concentration.

At Marie Kruses Skole, pupils in the preschool class have 25 weekly lessons. In each class the teaching is conducted by two educated preschool class teachers. In addition, the pupils’ future class teacher participates in five weekly lessons and a music teacher in one weekly lesson. Furthermore, there will be a very close collaboration with the primary teacher from Kometen – after-school care at Marie Kruses Skole.

In order to be considered for the preschool classes, pupils must be enrolled in our waiting list as described above.

An information event will be held at the end of October, after which 48 pupils will be offered a place in our preschool classes.

Admission to 6th grade class

Each year Marie Kruses Skole sets up two new 6th grade classes with a class size of 26 students.

We offer four years with a focus on learning, fixed guidelines and expectations, close follow-up on the individual student and focus on how to contribute to a broader community.

In addition to the targeted lessons towards the final examinations, the 6th to 9th grade classes offer a variety of exciting projects – often in close collaboration across year groups. For example innovation day in the 8th grade class, feedback lessons, camp school and exchange stays, main subjects from the 8th grade class, parties and café evenings and a musical project after school.

We expect students who want admission to Marie Kruses Skole to be interested in making an effort to achieve optimal academic and personal benefits from their school life.

In order to be considered for a spot in one of the new 6th grade classes, students must be enrolled in our waiting list as described above.

In February, Marie Kruses Skole will arrange an information event, after which students and their parents will be invited for an interview based on their placement on the waiting list. The purpose of the interview is to balance mutual expectations and to make sure that a change of schools will be the right choice for the student. For the interview students must bring a report or an elevplan and, if available, marks.

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